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The image of a fisherman holding up a fish almost as long as he is tall sits squarely in the minds of many who seek the ultimate catch. The state of Alaska recognizes this and keeps records of trophy fish, issuing certificates for kept fish as well as for those caught and released.

All you need to get your certificate is a witness, a Trophy Fish official, and a scale approved by the Division of Weights and Measures. Then you submit an affidavit and a good picture of you and the prized fish to Juneau, and you're in the record books - or Web site, as is now the case. Learn about Alaska fishing regulations, then plan your trophy fishing trip!

While many fishermen believe the length of a fish, as measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail, is important, weight is the crucial property for determining state records. For example, a halibut must weigh at least 250 pounds to be considered and a steelhead or rainbow must weight 15 pounds. A king salmon in the Kenai River area must weight 75 pounds, but only 50 pounds elsewhere in Alaska.

The following list includes many of the trophy fish certificate holders. Some of the state records have stood for a number of years, such as 1970 for the 42-pound steelhead/rainbow trout caught by David White on Bell Island that year. Others are still open, such as the brook trout, which does not yet have a record. The newest state record was a five-pound, one-ounce grayling caught in 2008 by Peter Cockwill in the Fish River.

Other state records include a 97-pound, four-ounce King salmon taken in the Kenai River by Lester Anderson in 1985, a 27-pound, six-ounce Dolly Varden caught by Mike Curtiss in 2002 in the Wulik River and a 47-pound lake trout from Lake Daniel by Daniel Thorsness reaching back to 1970.

Take a look at some record holding fish caught in Alaskan waters:

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