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A guided vacation from an Alaskan lodge is unlike nearly anything else available in the continental United States. Most are not like the quaint bed and breakfasts or your average hotel/motel. Many are located in pristine wilderness, with premium hunting and fishing opportunities no further than a short stroll to the lake or hike up a bluff. Others provide a home base and access to excellent expeditions via float plane.

Some lodges are for self-guided trips only, but the majority have hunting and fishing guides on staff or contract out to local Alaska guide services to satisfy the needs of their guests.

Due to many factors, choosing a lodge to best fit a person's needs is not an easy task. The first two items, location and activity, should be considered together. If you want to fish for several different types of fish or go on multiple hunts, a full scale lodge with the ability to fly out daily would be the best choice. If you're interested in a certain species, like Kine salmon flyfishing or brown bear hunting, certain lodges may have more experience in those areas over others. As another example, if you're interested in world-renowned saltwater salmon runs, a lodge in the Seward area would be a better choice than heading to Wasilla.

Another factor to consider is the time of your trip. Peak fishing or hunting seasons for many different species fall in predictable time spans and everyone knows it. Lodges that have a good reputation don't typically lose many customers, so booking a trip a year or more in advance may be necessary to hit those peak times. Less lead time would be required if you're willing to take a chance on weeks around peak times. Not only may you go lucky and catch a run starting a bit early or ending later than normal, but you may find reduced rates, as many lodges will discount their rates off peak times. Even though you may miss the peak, a bit of perspective may suggest the trip would still be phenomenally better than any other trip you've ever taken.

A fourth factor, undoubtedly the most important for many, is cost. Lodge rates vary widely on the services provided. An all-inclusive lodge with only plane access may cost more than twice as much as a wilderness lodge with basically tent camping and no modern amenities. Much of the cost at more of the expensive lodges goes towards flight time. Be careful of cutting costs at one lodge, only to find out payment for flights to and from fishing or hunting locations is extra. Your comfort level with the amount of provided amenities will greatly impact the cost. Keeping in touch with the outside world via the internet and television services will drive the cost up compared to roughing it. In addition, many lodges will provide services for handling and preparing all the meat or fish caught during an expectation, while other lodges leave that to the clients.

Lastly, guide service quality is an important factor not to be overlooked. A good guide can make all the difference between a successful and frustrating trip. Many lodges provide guide services, while others can put you in touch with local experts. Nothing beats having a local expert showing the exact places to cast a line, the proper tackle to use or the common paths used by the hunted quarry.

Alaska wilderness lodges, as they're often called, are NOT in short supply. Most Alaska fishing lodges providing hunting options too. You'll notice on their website package options for both hunters and anglers.

Here's a list of some top wilderness lodges for sportsmen.

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