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Kotzebue, Alaska Hunting and Fishing

Kotzebue is about as remote a location as anywhere in the world. It is situated over 500 miles northwest of Anchorage, 200 miles from Russia and 26 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Situated on a 3-mile long spit in the northwest corner of Alaska at the tip of the Baldwin Peninsula and only 12 feet above sea level, there are no roads connecting this tiny community to any other community. It is home to the largest Eskimo community above the Arctic Circle in North America, as eighty percent of the 3,000 residents are of Inuit decent. It is also home to NANA, the Northwest Arctic Native Association, which makes it the center of commerce and transportation of 11 native villages in the remote northwest corner of Alaska. People arrive by boat, dog sled, snowmobile, jet, bush plane, and foot on a regular basis.

Did You Know?
Gates of the Arctic National Park is the northernmost park in the United States
and lies entirely above the Arctic Circle.

The Three-Day Slough area of the Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge is known for some of the best moose habitat in Alaska. Moose densities, which have been upwards of ten moose per square mile, are currently around five moose per square mile. Caribou from the Western Arctic Herd can be found in the area during the winter months, while a native population called the Galena Mountain Herd resides in the area. Sportsman's Guide and Air Service, although located out of Anchorage, provides guided hunts in Western Alaska areas near Kotzebue for Yukon moose and Western Arctic caribou.

Fishing is available in the streams and rivers of Koyukuk primarily for salmon, arctic grayling and Sheefish as well.

Did You Know?
Kobuk Valley National Park is 1,669,813 acres, which is roughly the size of Delaware.

Besides hunting and fishing, there are plenty of outdoors activities to warrant a trip to Kotzebue. Six conservation parks and refuges surround it, including Cape Krusenstern National Park, Noatak Park and Preserve, Kobuk Valley National Park, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Bering Land Bridge National Monument, and the Selawik Wildlife Refuge. Travelers come direct from Anchorage to view sand dunes in Kobuk Valley, watch reindeer in the Brooks Range, hunt migrating caribou in the Waring Mountains, photograph grizzly bear in the Noatak National Preserve, backpack across the tundra in the Selawik refuge, fish for salmon in the Koyukuk river, or learn about history at the Bering Land Bridge National Monument.

Did You Know?
Hundreds of thousands of migratory bird species live near the deltas of the Selawik and Kobuk river on the eastern shores of Hotham Inlet in the Selawik Wildlife Refuge.

Kotzebue Town Information:

City of Kotzebue, AK
258A 3rd Ave. (PO Box 46), Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-3401

Population: 3,237 (2005 census)
Location: Northwest Alaska
Annual Precipitation: 10.05 in
July Averages: Temperature - 60 F; precipitation - 1.43 in.


Nullgavik Hotel
308 Shore Ave., Box 336, Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-3331

What to See:

Innaigvik Education & Information Center
2nd Ave. & Lake St. (PO Box 1029), Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-3760

Restaurants & Bars:

Bayside Cafe
303 Shore Ave., Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-3600


Maniilaq Health Center
5th & 10th Stevens Way, Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-7340

Fish & Game:

Fish & Game Department
240 5th St., Kotzebue, AK
(907) 442-3420


There is so much to do in and around Kotzebue, Alaska that you could spend a lifetime exploring and only see a fraction of this absolutely incredible pristine land.

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