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Petersburg is often referred to as "Little Norway," because it was founded more than 100 years ago by Norwegian anglers. It is a lively fishing community set in the picturesque Inside Passage of the beautiful Southeastern Alaska Panhandle. Located where the Wrangell Narrows and Frederick Sound meet at the northern tip of Mitkof Island, Petersburg is home to about 3,250 people. The town is less a tourist attraction for cruise ships or other visitors than it is a friendly place full of people who love fishing, wildlife, glaciers, forests, and peace and quiet.

Did You Know?
LeConte Glacier is the southernmost glacier in North America that ends into the ocean.

While Petersburg is made up of low mountains, the seas bring the attention to this town, as it has the 12th most lucrative fishery in the United States by volume. The canneries are full of adventurous young people from around the world, making an exciting and lively atmosphere around town, but the abundance of fish also brings those looking for sport fishing. Alaska Sea Adventures offers lodging and fishing aboard a 60-foot yacht able to locate prime halibut, salmon and rockfish areas. They are experienced in shrimping and crabbing as well.

While fishing may be king, many hunting options exist in the Petersburg area too. Southeast Alaska Guide Service provides a number of options. They hunt for brown bear on Admiralty Island, which boasts the highest brown bear density in the world at over 1.7 bears per square mile. They also guide hunts for black bear, mountain goat, deer and wolves.

You may want to visit Petersburg during the Little Norway Festival to learn about the town's roots or during the Salmon Derby, which is four days of king salmon fishing with over $30,000 in prizes.

Did You Know?
Tongass National Forest is the world's largest temperate rainforest and
is full of wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

The abundance of life in the Inside Passage brings in wildlife of all sorts to the area to feed. Anywhere around town and the surrounding wilderness, you could spot river otter, black bear, grizzly, deer, porpoise, killer whales, moose, bald eagles, or caribou.

Beyond wildlife-viewing, the stunning views of the Wrangell Narrows, the fresh air on hikes through the lush forests of Eagle Roost Park, the history of downtown, camping in one of 20 Forest Service cabins accessible right from downtown, a glacier excursion to LeConte Glacier, or a stroll along the docks at the Boat Harbor are all activities to fill several days in the Petersburg area.

One of Petersburg's most alluring attractions is that it backs on the 1.6 million acre Petersburg Ranger District of the Tongass National Forest. It has endless pristine shorelines, Kuiu Island Wilderness area, Devil's Thumb, and the Stikine Icefield. Two other options are the Little Norway Festival to learn about the town's roots and the Salmon Derby, which is four days of king salmon fishing with over $30,000 in prizes.

Did You Know?
Petersburg offers world-class fishing for King, Coho, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon, Halibut, lingcod, red snapper, rockfish, crab, and shrimp.

Town Information:

City of Petersburg

Petersburg Alaska

Population: 3,010 (2005 census)
Location: Midway between Ketchikan and Juneau at the north end of Wrangell Narrows on Mitkof Island
Annual Precipitation: 104.78 in.
July Averages: Temperature - 64 F; precipitation - 5.22 in.


Bumbershoot B&B
901 Sandy Beach Rd. (PO Box 372), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4683
Email: [email protected]
Price: $80-90 double

Majestic Eagle Lodge
(800) 576-0881

Scandia House
110 Nordic Dr. (PO Box 689), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4281 / (800) 772-5006

Tides Inn Motel
307 N 1st St. (PO Box 1048), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4288 / (800) 665-8433
Email: [email protected]
Price: $90-100 high season; $65-85 low season (double)

Waterfront B&B
1004 S. Nordic Dr. (PO Box 1613), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-9300 / (866) 772-9301

Water's Edge B&B
705 Sandy Beach Rd. (PO Box 1201), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3736 / (800) 868-4373

Alaska Island Hostel
805 Gjoa St., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3632 / (907) 723-5340


Twin Creek RV Park
7.5 miles out the Mitkof Hwy.
(907) 772-3244

LeConte RV Park
4th 7 H St. (Haugen Dr.), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4680

What to See:

Clausen Memorial Museum
203 Fram St., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3598

Eagle's Roost Park
Roadside park north of Petersburg Fisheries cannery.

Hammer Slough

Petersburg Marine Mammal Center
PO Box 1618, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4170

Restaurants & Bars:

Papa Bear's Pizza
Excel St. & Nordic Dr. (PO Box 1813), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3727

13 Sing Lee Alley, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3444

Java Hus
110 N. Nordic Dr., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-2626

Emily's Bakery
1000 Nordic Dr., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4555

Joan Mei Restaurant
1103 S. Nordic, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4222

Rooney's Northern Lights
203 Sing Lee Alley, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-2900

Harbor Bar
310 N. Nordic Dr., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4526

Kito's Kave
Sing Lee Alley, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3207


Car Rentals:

Tides Inn Motel
307 N 1st St. (PO Box 1048), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4288 / (800) 665-8433
Email: [email protected]

Scandia House
110 Nordic Dr. (PO Box 689), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4281 / (800) 772-5006

Boat Rentals:

Doyle's Boat Rentals
PO Box 516, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4439 / (877) 442-4010


City Cab
(907) 772-3003

Ferry Terminal:

Alaska Marine Highway System (Nordic Travel)
101 N. Nordic Dr. (PO Box 787), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3818 / (800) 327-2571 -


James A Johnson Airport
1450 Haugen Dr., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4624

Chamber of Commerce:

Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 649, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-4636

AK Employment Service:

102 Haugen Drive (P.O. Box 389), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3791
Email: [email protected]

Local Newspaper:

Petersburg Pilot
212 Harbor Way (PO Box 930), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-9393


Petersburg Medical Center
103 Fram St., Petersburg, AK

Fish & Game:

Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Sing Lee Alley, Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3801

Forest Service:

Petersburg Ranger District
2nd floor, Federal Building (PO Box 1328), Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3871

Internet Access:

Petersburg Public Library
12 Nordic Dr., Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-3349


Petersburg is the type of town that you will love. It's an outdoor paradise and there is plenty to do for everyone. Petersburg, Alaska is one of those places that once you've spent a few a days, you may never want to leave - especially if you're a true sportsman. Just be ready for that before you arrive.

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